Friday, June 19, 2009

Social Media Raven

Social Media Raven...
does not approve of your banal tweets

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Untimely Being

I am slush. There is no other way of describing it. Add my name to the list of people who do nothing to contribute to the world. My being is just slushy. I splash my way through my days not bothered to stop or to harden for a moment to make a difference.

Of course as slush I find my own little way of contributing. Mostly I wet peoples feet and move on, leaving a trail of irritation behind.

I don't know how long I intend to spend my days as slush, but right now I don't have enough enery to materialise as anything but. Even the days support my effort - or ineffort (if there is even such a word) - and are hazy and wet. On clearer days I can feel myself harden into something worthwhile but then the rain comes and reminds me of who I really am, correctly putting me in my place.

Oh woe is me. Sigh I can't even act woeful correctly. It's just too much effort for my slushy self.

Oh well, time to embrace what I can't ignore..

Sunday, October 15, 2006

A heavyweight offer from Singtel and American Express

Today my dad placed a stack of mail on my desk and one thick envelope caught my attention. It was ‘A heavyweight offer from Singtel and American Express.’ On opening it, it says ‘ Saves $300, with compliments from Singtel.’ Turned out that there is the cost of a yearly subscription fee to American Express Platinum, and they are waiving the first year subscription.

Now, this is the first ever invitation for credit card sign-up ever addressed to me, so I was reading through the brochure quite excitedly, being the first time and all. You can actually get a ‘Free Longines watch worth $830, as long as you spend $5000 in a year’. Wah! Attractive leh. And with up to 50% off dining establishments at Raffles club, free golf whatever tour and spa wherever. Hmmm no wonder people end up in debt!

But too bad, I don’t think I earn quite enough for a platinum card yet, hehehehe! There goes my Longines. :( Dammit, why did they send it to me to tempt me like that? *Throws myself on sofa and wails*

Perhaps I can write in to the bank,

' Dear Mr Big and Important Officer of American Express,

A very marvellous day to you. As with all forward looking and estalished companies, I am sure the future is more important than the past. I had received your kind invitation of subscribing to the American Express Platinum, and I am assuring you that my potential pay for this year would surely meet the criteria for your application. Enclosed is testimonials from my boss, my boss's boss and my CEO as well as my fellow colleagues who all have 100% confidence in me reaching the annual gross pay of a measley $xxxxxxxxxx per annum only one year from now.

Please approve my application and my word of mouth referral will bring you millions of sales and new applicants! Not to mention my Longines watch which will dazzle all my friends and make them join immediately. Now, you dont know what you will be missing out, so you had better let me join!

Most Sincerely,
Miss Lihai Pasta'

And this incident actually made me surf around looking for another credit card to subscribe that is within my range. And I was looking through all the rewards Programme and everything. You have to spend like $3800 to get a $20 voucher dining voucher? Hardly worth the trouble aint it? And even though my friend told me that she pays her bills on time every month, she gets an extra $50 interest once, just that she was too busy to find out why. Hmmm.

I am wondering whether the extra discounts and perks is worth the trouble and the potential delay of payment (because I am kind of forgetful) resulting in the potential interest I have to fork out. Ahh, I know when I am old when I am considering stuff like that. I was even going to meet an insurance friend to get some policies but she was taken ill and send to the hospital.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The definition of motivation

A long time, when I was still in school, an older friend whom I befriended in my part time working days suddenly smsed me out of the blue.

W: I feel very bored with my life. Any remedies?
Me: How about taking up a challenge?
W: Wow! That’s a new one. Most people tell me to take a holiday.

And that was the end of the conversation, because I did not follow up with her to check if my advice worked.

I should have because I am now at the same stage of my life as she was. I am finding myself bored with my work life. And I am questioning if work life is simply supposed to be boring or is it just me, or am I in the wrong job.

My work is boring because:

1) No bonding. I don’t particularly like my colleagues a lot. Which means that there is nothing to look forward to every morning.
2) No mental stimulation. My sales job gives me reasonably good pay and a reason to buy a car, but it lacks mental stimulation, which I am absolutely craving for.
3) No impressive superior. I don’t feel like I am learning a lot, in fact my boss says he has nothing new to teach me. And I am the type who likes to learn from others, so it is really boring when I feel that I am not.
4) Unrealistic goal setting. I am frustrated by some of the demands they place on us, which I feel that NO one can achieve. If you can, or if anyone can, please show me. But it is simply unreasonable to expect me to do what YOU can’t do.
5) Too honest boss? My boss, whom treats me like a friend, likes to tell me how simple his job is. Well, I already know that he thinks that way, and I feel a certain disdain. Your job is not just to make motivational speeches, but to innovate and come up with solutions, methinks.

So this is really vexing. On one hand, I want to finish this canvass well and achieve my target before I move on. On the other hand, I am freaking bored and un-motivated. And I am trying to think of a solution but I cant think of anything yet.

In my philosophy class, we learned about something like our base motivation. I can’t remember the exact terminology, but it is something like underneath the actions that we perform everyday, there is an underlying motivation. And if we un-earth all these motivations, at the bottom, we have a base motivation. Like for some people, maybe it is security. Which means that that is the motivation that makes them wake up on time for work, stay in the same job, and so on. And I am wondering what is mine? If it is security and money, why am I not happy with my work?

I think I need to find something challenging to do, except that my work is already making me damn physically shagged out most of the time. Grrr.

Monday, October 02, 2006

When choosing your first car

Would you rather go for

Subaru R2?
1) 4 doors ( More practical for ferrying people around)
2) Better sound system ( yeah! )
3) Drives lousier ( ouch! )
4) 2k cheaper

Or Subaru R1,

1) 2 doors ( inconvenient but cool!)
2) drives better becasue of the 7 gear thingy ( plus!)
3) has cool seats ( red and black, yo! )
4) Poor audio system :(

This has been bothering me for 2 days! My heart wants the R1, but I think R2 is the more practical choice. Help!! And daddy thinks I should get a boring old toyota. But me want a mini cool car!! HEEHEHEHEHEHEHE

( p.s: hope this is not falling into the 'dear diary category', its not really, its a grown up topic requesting the views of grown up people who had already gotten their first car. So there. :P )

Sunday, October 01, 2006

You can never know someone well enough

About a year or so ago, I befriended a woman from China in her late thirties. She has a daughter who is 16 this year and they are here for her daughter’s education. WFC was someone who gave 101% to her job, a good listener and friend and offers fantastic advice. She was one of the few people whom I had really confided in, and we became very good friends.

A few months ago, she got into trouble with the law as she was caught working with an expired work permit. She had to be repatriated back to China but her daughter could continue studying in Singapore. She left her daughter with the church pastor, and some rich tai-tais pooled together a sum of money as living expenses for her daughter for half a year.

Before she left, she told me that she was worried about money, as she could not make enough money for her daughter working in China, taking into consideration that the exchange rate was 5 to 1. I told her that if things got bad, I would chip in and help with the daughter’s living expenses and school fees. Before she left, I passed her a sum of money to tide her over till she could find a job in China.

Fast-forward to 2 months later, the pastor and me kept in contact and she had lots to complain about WFC’s daughter. First of all WFC’s daughter wanted an Ipod. Next were the atrocious handphone bills of $150 a month. And this was the girl who was living off other people’s charity. On top of that, she made the pastor’s house a mess and did not care for her studies. When the pastor spoke to WFC that her daughter was spending money too recklessly and their existing funds would not last long, WFC asked her to ‘ask pasta for money’.

WFC also smsed me saying that she had something to beg me. I called her back and she told me to buy her a nokia 3230 hand phone and send it to china to her. She told me her daughter was busy studying and she did not want to trouble her daughter. Later did I find out through the pastor that the daughter was going back to China for a holiday very soon, and she wanted a new hand phone, which is probably why her mum asked me to buy a hand phone so that she could give to her daughter.

When I knew that, I was really angry and upset. I wanted to be a friend in need, but I am so offended that she would even think of asking me to pay for her daughter’s indulgences, let alone do it. And she resorted to sneak, by telling me that she needed it herself, because she knew that if I knew that it was for her daughter, I would never had consented. In fact, I am so disappointed with her behavior that I am seriously considering cutting off all ties with her. Because I really hate people who try to get the best of me just because I am gullible and naive. And I had always thought we were good enough friends to be open with one other.

It made me remember an incident long time ago when I was just 14. I had loaned a classmate some money and months passed but she never mentioned it or paid me back. I thought she had forgotten about it, so I didn’t ask for it. Until one day- she asked me for a loan again, and I said no. Then she told me this, ‘ Pasta, lend me la. Lend me and I promise to pay you back tomorrow together with what I owed you the last time.’

I was like, ‘ Bitch! U mean u remembered all this time and was just pretending you forgot!?’

Maybe there is really no one left to trust. :( I wonder who is sillier, a friend whos being conned of a handphone, or a mum whos so enslaved and besotted with her daughter that she would resort to anything to satisfy her daughter's whims and fancies. Children can twist their parents around their little fingers because our parents love us, but it is our love and piety that stops us from manipulating our parents to get what we want. I feel sad for her that her daughter is simply sucking her dry, and also sad for her that she is unable to take her daughter in hand. I actually told my theory to my boss and he thinks that actually parents know what we are up to, just that they choose to trust us and have faith in us. hmmm. whatever.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

the dark side made me do it

Today was the launch of the new sales canvass and we had a party at a country club. A team building company was brought in to ‘improve relationships and teamwork’.

There was this game where we have to form groups, and pass marble from one end to the other through broken pieces of pipes. The objection of the game is to win through teamwork and proper planning and pass as many marbles as we can from one end to the other. We played a few rounds but we still fell short of the 168 marbles target by 9 marbles.

At this point, the organizer asked the VP of the company, ‘Shall we go again or stop? Do we want to hit the target of 168 marbles?’ The VP stood up and said ‘ Yes! We shall hit 400 marbles!’

Everyone knew that we could not manage the target of 400 over the past record of 159. That’s like more than a 100% increase in marbles and productivity. However, we cannot fail since this challenge was thrust upon us. So. We. Cheated. We put marbles in our pockets and empty them at the finishing point when no one is looking. Suddenly, all of us become sleigh of hands magicians.

When the results were announced, we reached and exceeded target. We had 813 marbles. Everyone cheered and laughed. That’s life aint it? Whatever happened to integrity and clean win?

Sometimes I feel that the management is at fault. Instead of brainstorming of how we can improve our productivity legitimately, they set us a too high target, a mission impossible and we had no choice but to cheat or not make it. In this way, they ‘forced us into it’. We have to make a lot of sales, do a lot of paperwork, and now on top of all that, we have one more target to reach and we are supposed to provide better after sales service. It makes me hopping mad at their unrealistic expectations. I , like yesterday, only have 2 hands, 2 legs and one voice. I can only walk at a speed of like 5km/h. And no, we still travel by regular transport and are not provided with helicopters or teleporting powder. Based on what then do they see fit to impose new demands on us?

Appropriate demands at the appropriate time in achievable doses serve as motivation. Ridiculous demands mean total disregard or cheating. If the company wants to achieve long-term gains, they should look beyond their noses and think of solutions beyond simply setting stupid impossible targets. Sometimes I wonder if the people had sat for so long in their ivory towers that they had forgotten what was it like to be out there on the streets, fighting for each sale and shedding tears and sweat. KNN!